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VERO MODA is BESTSELLER’s first clothing label and one of the most recognisable high-street European fashion brands. We strive to appreciate and capture the essence of everyday moments with an authentic, vibrant and honest style expression – appealing to every generation. Our consumer is defined – not by age – but by lifestyle. They are a group of individuals with their own preferences and identity. We started with an unwavering idea to make attainable fashion that would transform everyday wear from ordinary to modern and elevated essentials. And so, we did – yet always evolving and finding new ways – with adaption and newness, in mind. Since our foundation in 1987, we have been driven by a collective mindset; that our knowledge, passion and craftsmanship must serve to provide better fashion and create a sense of confidence and empowerment – for all. We are a well-trusted brand that is taking a step forward into the now & next. WE ARE VERO MODA

Vero Moda Logo

Vero Moda E Marx GmbH

Fackelrondell 1
67655 Kaiserslautern

0631 – 414 90 777


Montag bis Samstag
9.30 bis 20.00 Uhr

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